What Are The Clinical Features Of Autism

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Autism is one such prominent and severe developmental disorder about which still many people are not aware of or in actual fail to talk about it openly and in detail.

Autism is also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder is a brain disease. In this, the patient is neither able to speak properly, nor is he able to understand the point of others, nor can he establish communication with them. It is a developmental disability. Its symptoms are visible from childhood. If these symptoms are detected in time, then they can be controlled.

In terms of Childhood Autism, it is characterized by repetitive behaviour, social skills, communication of non-verbal form, speech complexity. Even in superpower nations like the United States of America 1 out 54 children are affected by Autism whereas in an emerging nation like India the ratio of children affected with Autism is 1 out of 560.

According to medical experts, different parts of the brain work together in normal humans, but this is not the case in autism. This is the reason why their behaviour is unusual. If properly supported, the child autism patient can be of great help.

Clinical Features Of Autism Young children

Clinical Features or the clinical manifestations of Autism (ASD- Autism Spectrum Disorder) can be either objective as observed by a specialist doctor or subjective when perceived by the patient.

In order to notice the clinical features of Autism in Young Children, one has to observe their activities minutely instead of opaquely.

  • Children do not understand our language but begin to understand gestures and signs.
  • Children who have autism symptoms behave differently. They do not understand or respond to these gestures. Such children remain inactive. |
  • When the child is able to speak, he cannot speak clearly. He or She won’t feel pain.
  • If there is light in the eyes, if someone touches or makes a sound, they will not react.
  • When they grow up, children with autism do abnormal things like walking on their toes.|
  • Most children have this Autism disease due to genetic reasons. |
  • Somewhere the effect of the environment causes this Autism.
  • According to doctors, there is no absolute cure for Autism. The child has to live with this defect for the rest of his life. However with the help of certain therapies and health remedies the Autism affected child can go through a process of normalization and come out as the better out version with time.
  • Yes, the symptoms can definitely be reduced.
  • Babies also become victims of pregnancy complications which leads to Autism.

These are the major clinical features that every parent, individual, teenager, old person and every human should know as children everywhere around them and only by knowing the clinical features they can approach to help out any Autism affected child with proper care and attention.

Every Child Is Special….Autism Children Can Also Leave a Normal Life

Whether you are a parent, an individual or an organization seeking to help any child affected by Autism, we are here to help you.


Dr Smarat Jain and his team is a medical experts group engaged in the treatment and service of Autism affected Children as they also have the same right to live a happy and normal life as other children. Just being special they need special attention, care and approach.

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