Terms and Conditions:

We believe a team approach to working with families is the most effective.
You, as parents, are the most important member of your child’s team.
We would be happy to include family members, friends or people that you feel are important in your child’s life.
Privacy and confidentiality are very important to us.
When we ask questions to learn more about your family life and your child’s daily routines, it is so that we can make suggestions that are meaningful to your family.
All information provided to us will be kept in strict confidence. We will not share any information with another service provider without your written consent.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel an appointment/session 1 day notice is required to be given so that this appointment can be re-allocated.
Same day cancellation will be charged.
We do understand emergencies. If you are not able to take the session on the desired day then the same session will be compensated on next day or some other day.

Payment Policy:

Full payment is required for each session before the session commences.
We accept cheque or cash as methods of payment.

Procedure of assessment:

The first appointment with Essential Learning center will be an assessment with the therapist to meet with the parents/guardians.
During this assessment, parents can discuss their concerns about their child openly with the therapist.
The therapist will attain developmental history to understand the difficulties your child is undergoing.
The therapist in liaising with the parents will develop a plan and therapy goals specifically for your child.

Our Expectations:

  • Parents are requested to come at least 10 minutes before their session starts.
  • We all are expecting fast and good results so being consistent in taking therapy session is the mantra of improvement.
  • Before taking a break please consult with the therapist.
  • Do ask for Home Intervention Plan (HIP) and must follow it.
  • Last but not the least. Please don’t forget to share your ideas, suggestions and feedback with us.